Smokey Quartz tumbled

Smokey Quartz tumbled

Smokey Quartz tumbled

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Tumbled Smokey Quartz stones. Varied size and color. 
Sold by piece. Each one divined and picked for you.

About Smokey Quartz:

Smokey Quartz is a brownish grey, translucent variety of Crystal Quartz. Quartz in general has a long history in folk magic and energy work traditions. It carries within it the full spectrum of light, making it an excellent transmitter of energy. Smokey Quartz in particular is said to be a mood elevator and emotionally grounding stone. It is believed to overcome depression and other negative emotions.

Like other Quartz varieties, Smokey Quartz is translucent. Its color ranges from more cool greys to brown-greys. Some specimens are darker or lighter in color.

This stable stone evokes protection, healing, and power.

Quartz is the favored stone of many practitioners, especially those interested in working with natural energy as well as energies in the body. It is a favored and compatible stone used in many rites and workings.

Chakra: Root
Planet: Pluto
Number: 53/8
Element: Earth
Astro Sign: Scorpio
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