Herbal Forge Planetary Oils

Herbal Forge Planetary Oils

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    Herbal Forge Planetary Oils are formulated based on traditional hermetic and folk magic planetary correspondences of botanicals.  These formulas are believed to help bring in the positive energetics of these ancient planetary forces. 

    Using essential oils and natural fragrances, we construct specialized aromatic blends to support many intentions that we may encounter. We focus on the unique energetics of each botanical and their synergetic qualities to create your botanical support blend.

    We begin each formulation by exploring the unique qualities of each intent. We dive into the ancient wisdom of folk magic and hermetics to find potential energetic helpers. We use the secrets of spiritual perfumery to identify the heart, the head, and the base of each blend. After each blend is perfected, we make sure the blend is at appropriate dilution levels for optimal use in a variety of applications. 

    The energetics are activated and released by applying warmth or heat. Speak your specific intention into the oil as you are adding it to your desired method. Suggested methods for activating the energetics of our intention oils:

    Diffusion: Apply a few drops to a candle or to water in an oil diffuser.

    Body application: Add a few drops to your bath, liquid soap, or lotion base. Many of our oils can be worn as a perfume oil. The warmth of your body activates the release of those energetic allies. We do recommend performing a skin test for potential sensitivities and adverse reactions before use.

    Unless noted, our oil blends are at a 20-30% dilution in a natural carrier oil. In the perfumery world, this is typically the highest end concentration for acceptable skin application and is known as a perfume extract. This concentration, when used in traditional ritual techniques, is considered an acceptable dilution for optimizing the energetic properties per aromatherapy standards. As ritual oils don't have a specialized standards system for safety, we choose to lean into the standards for niches that utilize the same core ingredients and techniques.

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