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Varied size. 3"-5" long. Each one divined and picked for you.

About Selenite:

Named for Selene the Moon goddess, Selenite is a crystal habit variety of the gypsum mineral. There are a wide variety of magical applications for Selenite. In folklore, it is said to bring harmony and reconciliation to lovers when exchanged. Believed to be a highly communicative stone, Selenite is often used in combination with other crystals, stones, and minerals to enhance their energies and effects. Some believe Selenite to do the same to human energies as well, enhancing the flow of energy and encouraging directional flow.

Selenite develops in long, wand-like structures. This stone is a clear and translucent. The surface is layered and textured, with a tendency to dust and flake when touched.

Selenite is viewed as a powerful collector and dispeller of energies, gathering and redirecting the flow of energy for a variety of uses.

Chakra: Crown
Planet: Moon
Number: 7
Element: Water
Astro Sign: Cancer

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