Planetary Incense Sample Pack

Planetary Incense Sample Pack

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Approximately 1/8 ounce of each of the hand crafted Planetary incense made by Crossroads Sorcery.

Sol – Sol evokes the power of Tiphereth on the Tree of Life. It is balancing and harmonizing. Energizing. This citrusy blend brings out a revitalizing aroma.

Luna – Luna is associated with Yesod on the qabbalistic tree of life. Luna brings energies of reflection and illumination. It opens the way to dreamspace and enhances psychic visions and astral travel. This blend carries soothing warm aromas with an undertone of jasmine.

Mercury – The sphere of the messenger and the magician, Mercury teaches us the power of our words. For clear communication and expediting all sorts of work. This is a blend of sweet, bitter and citrusy herbs.

Venus – Associated with love, romance, sensuality, sexuality, and relationships. A light fragrance boasting a rosy overtone with a hint of mint.

Mars – Associated with the strengthening of personal will and discipline. Mars is aggressive and protective. This blend is heavy with sacred resins.

Jupiter – Jupiter is known as the Greater Benefic – working with Jupiter is an expansive type of working. Expanding wealth, luck, prosperity but also spiritual knowledge and blessings. Jupiter expands the consciousness – but it is probably best known for money workings and material gain. This incense has a cedar high note with a oak and copal undertones.

Saturn – Known as the Greater Malefic, Saturn is the planet of discipline and karma. In contrast to Jupiter, which expands, it is contracting. It’s heavy gravity brings order to chaos and debris. It builds structure and defines limits. This incense is made up of very earthy, heavy scents with an undertone of brimstone.

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