Blood Tonic Tea Loose 2 oz

Blood Tonic Tea Loose 2 oz

Blood Tonic Tea Loose 2 oz

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A blend crafted with alterative herbs hailed for centuries for their ability to assist the body in its “cleanup” process. Nourishing the liver, bowel, kidney and lymphatic system, this blend works gently with your body encouraging release of unwanted buildup through strengthening and support.

Unfortunately, we live in a world filled with toxins, so no matter how “clean” you try to be, your body is exposed on a daily basis. By regularly supporting the eliminatory organs to do their job more effectively, your system can enjoy a little less unwanted buildup and weight. Each of these herbs are chosen specifically for their gentleness yet effectiveness in this process.












caffeine free

ºcertified organic •ethically wildcrafted


Loose Leaf: Use 2 Tb per 16 oz 200 ºF water and steep a minimum of 15 minutes. 

The longer these herbs steep the better and more potent the herbal infusion will be. The loose leaf teas can be steeped easily in a cup; however many of the loose leaf herbal infusions may need a pot or french press to be able to steep indefinitely for full potency and flavor. Some herbals can fully steep in 5-10 minutes but some prefer a 30-40 minute steep.

Add sweetness if you prefer.  May be re-steeped several times. 

The brewed tea may also be saved in the fridge over night and enjoyed chilled the following day!


 Teaching Herbalism Through Tea Craft

People often ask what my favorite “Detox” blend or herb is… I typically respond with this blend. Reason being, it is gentle yet powerful. The best way that I can explain it, is it goes into the body, offers the eliminatory organs food that they love and a gentle reminder that they might want to let some stuff go. Just a gentle invitation to let build up go while building up strength of those eliminatory systems. I included Burdock root for its wonderful liver tonic effects as well as its inulin levels creating a wonderful gut tonic and prebiotic offering. I added another liver tonic, Dandelion root, because it works with the liver in a different way to offer a more well rounded liver tonic effect from this blend. I then added red clover for its high nutritive levels as well as lymphatic system support but wanted to add in red root for even more lymphatic action. Cleavers bring lymphatic support as well as a kidney tonic effects. I couldn't leave out stinging nettle if we are going to ask the body to do such a task as cleanse. Cleansing can be extra work on the body so we should offer extra support and what better support than the nutritive powerhouse, Stinging Nettle. Much buildup leaves through the bowel so I included Fennel and Anise as bowel tonic and soothing herbs to assure a more comfortable process. Finally, I added a touch of chicory as a bold flavor as well as its traditional use as a “spring cleansing” herb in folk tradition.

If you are looking to do a stronger cleanse, drink 1 tea bag or 2 TB in 24oz water per day until the package is gone. Do not fast during this since the body needs fiber to carry out some of this buildup. If you are looking to simply give your body a “treat”, drink any time you wish and know you are giving your insides a hug. Enjoy ;)

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe in regards to disease or illness as herbs are not drugs, and I am not a licensed medical professional. I am a plant wisdom keeper known as a clinical herbalist. Through the art of tea, I am passing on plant wisdom and teaching herbalism so you too can carry this ancient knowledge forward and feel more empowered toward regaining and maintaining your own whole body wellness.

Our Packaging

Our packaging is intentionally minimal and environmentally conscious.  The kraft bags holding our teas are recycled and compostable.  The inner lining is plant based and the outer layer is FDA approved recycled natural Kraft. Tin tie closures need to be removed prior to sending it to compost heap.  

We are constantly seeking ways we can do better and lessen our impact.   

*[These teas are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any illness, disease or condition, and have not been evaluated by the FDA.]

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