Blessings Organic Tea Loose 2 oz

Blessings Organic Tea Loose 2 oz

Blessings Organic Tea Loose 2 oz

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A very special tea offering blessings to you and your space through steam and sip. The plants transform into their spiritual bodies through steam just as they do through smoke. Each herb was invited into this blend for its unique essence that is released as the tea steeps. The steam fills the room and sets with you for a wonderful cup filled with prayer.

All Organic Ingredients:

Jasmine green tea, Heather, Lavender, Elderflower & Peppermint

Jasmine brings love. Love of self, the moment, of all the gifts of life. Peppermint brings healing. Healing that which needs to heal. Your smaller world (self) and larger world. Lavender offers peace. Calm a racing mind, set with a moment and feel it with a sense of calmness and clarity. Elderflower honors ancestors. It can bring protection while supporting release of fear of the unknown. Heather invites happiness. Shed desire for excess control and rigid expectations. Bring forth passion, spontaneity and trust into life. Feel joy without guilt. Even if just for a moment. Enjoy the smile that visits.


Loose Leaf: Use 1 Tb per 16 oz. of purified 180º water. Adjust amount of tea to your desired tea strength.

Steep 2.5 - 3.5 minutes uncovered and allow the steam to fill your space and lungs. Breathe deeply and wave the smoke into areas of your room or home that you want to fill with the blessings. Once time is complete, remove tea from cup and sip intentionally. Acknowledge what the plants are bringing you and the power within this. Do not throw the discarded tea leaves into the trash. Send them back home to the land in thanks for their blessings.

The longer these herbs steep the better and more potent the herbal infusion will be. The loose leaf teas can be steeped easily in a cup; however many of the loose leaf herbal infusions may need a pot or french press to be able to steep indefinitely for full potency and flavor. Some herbals can fully steep in 5-10 minutes but some prefer a 30-40 minute steep.

Add sweetness if you prefer.  May be re-steeped several times. 

The brewed tea may also be saved in the fridge over night and enjoyed chilled the following day!


Mildly Caffeinated

Our Packaging

Our packaging is intentionally minimal and environmentally conscious.  The kraft bags holding our teas are recycled and compostable.  The inner lining is plant based and the outer layer is FDA approved recycled natural Kraft. Tin tie closures need to be removed prior to sending it to compost heap.  

We are constantly seeking ways we can do better and lessen our impact.   

*[These teas are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any illness, disease or condition, and have not been evaluated by the FDA.]

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