No More Monsters Spray 1oz

No More Monsters Spray 1oz
No More Monsters Spray 1oz

No More Monsters Spray 1oz

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Every parent has heard the cry in the middle of the night: “There’s a monster in my room!” Whether it’s under the bed, in the closet, lurking behind a laundry basket or hovering near the ceiling, there is a monster in that room and no amount of arguing, persuading, cajoling, or begging will get your child back to sleep. Not until you do something about that monster.

This is a spray made of Van Van oil and some chunks of pyrite, or “fool’s gold,” a traditional American good luck charm. Originally, this was used as a linen spray, a room freshener, and on unscented dryer sheets, but the bottle eventually migrated upstairs to the room that our kids share. We use the No More Monsters spray on the pillows, in the closet, under the bed, and anywhere boggles and beasties might lurk.

We have it on good authority that monsters hate smell of the spray, and stay far away from it. At least, we haven’t had any monsters in the last few years.

No More Monster Spray contains alcohol and should not be used near any flame or heat source. Quadrivium Supplies sprays are sold in 1oz bottles only.

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