Hyssop Bath Soap

Hyssop Bath Soap

Hyssop Bath Soap

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This Hyssop Soap Bar answers the question of how to indulge in a spiritual bath without getting herbs in your drains, or if you don’t have a tub. This bar is made from high quality olive oil and goat’s milk to get a soft enriching lather. It contains holy water and specific botanicals and minerals to do the job of spiritual cleansing or empowering.

HYSSOP SOAP is made with Hyssop.

Hyssop is a biblical herb of purification and cleansing.

While the soap base is soft and luxurious, the botanicals can make it a little scratchy. However, this is a good thing when taking off spiritual “dirt”. When using spiritual baths, one should wash head to toe when removing energies. When drawing energies in one should wash toe to head.

Each bar approximately 3.5 oz.

No specific results are implied or guaranteed.
Not intended to be a replacement for proper medical care.

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