Dreams Tea Loose 2 oz

Dreams Tea Loose 2 oz

Dreams Tea Loose 2 oz

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If you seek better sleep, this may just be your new best friend. It enhances full body and mind relaxation while soothing the nervous system. It is a powerful yet gentle nudge to better sleep. Not to mention, some folks even find this blend very helpful during the day. Ideally, if their anxiousness is almost too overwhelming to be able to move throughout the day as they wish. It can calm them down a few levels, and if anxiousness is running really high, those few levels of lowering down helps get back down to “normal” and not necessarily sleepy.

Some find great comfort in drinking this 1 hour before bedtime and then doing a second steep, leaving it it by the bed in case there are any middle-of-the-night wakings.











caffeine free

ºcertified organic •ethically wildcrafted


Loose Leaf: Use 2 Tb per 16 oz 195 ºF water and steep a minimum of 12 minutes. 

The longer these herbs steep the better and more potent the herbal infusion will be. The loose leaf teas can be steeped easily in a cup; however many of the loose leaf herbal infusions may need a pot or french press to be able to steep indefinitely for full potency and flavor. Some herbals can fully steep in 5-10 minutes but some prefer a 30-40 minute steep.

Add sweetness if you prefer.  May be re-steeped several times. 

The brewed tea may also be saved in the fridge over night and enjoyed chilled the following day!


 Teaching Herbalism Through Tea Craft

Dreams- I blended some of the strongest calming nervine herbs possible together to create a wonderfully potent bedtime blend. There are some herbs that are a bit stronger but would make this blend taste quite bitter and turn many of us off. Herbs such as hops and blue vervain are very potent relaxation herbs, but the flavor would not blend well with most pallets. I blended herbs each bringing their own speciality to create an overall relaxation tending to several areas of the body and types of tension. Also, Though this has been categorized as our Sleeping Blend, it doesn’t have to be that by any means.  Its just a bit stronger than our Calm blend  which is intended to be drank anytime.  Dreams was meant for the evenings if someone isn’t dealing with severe stress or anxiety.   If you are, it can be a nice tonic to bring you to a calmer state any time of day.  Ingredients: VALERIAN ROOT- a nervine noted to calm tummy tension and soothe thoughts of “what I could have done differently today” from racing through the mind. CHAMOMILE- soothing herb gentle yet powerful in its mild approach to soothing the system on many many levels.  PASSIONFLOWER- nervous system tonic special to calming mental tension and racing thoughts. CALIFORNIA POPPY- nervine specializing in relieving spasmodic issues while offering whole body relaxation as well as helping to relieve tension headaches. WOOD BETONY- nervine specializing in relieving muscular tension and tension headaches. SKULLCAP- calming herb specializing in relieving muscular tension, fidgeting and spasms, and angry outbursts. MOTHERWORT- nervous system tonic specializing in calming “heart tension” which presents as heart palpitations, chest tightness, and high blood pressure. LAVENDER BLOSSOMS- aromatically calming herb with lovely flavor.  PEPPERMINT- delicious herb that helps cover the scent of the valerian root and bring this whole blend nicely together. 

This information is not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe in regards to disease or illness as herbs are not drugs, and I am not a licensed medical professional. I am a plant wisdom keeper known as a clinical herbalist. Through the art of tea, I am passing on plant wisdom and teaching herbalism so you too can carry this ancient knowledge forward and feel more empowered toward regaining and maintaining your own whole body wellness. Do know, with empowerment comes accountability. You do what feels right for YOU.

Our Packaging

Our packaging is intentionally minimal and environmentally conscious.  The kraft bags holding our teas are recycled and compostable.  The inner lining is plant based and the outer layer is FDA approved recycled natural Kraft. Tin tie closures need to be removed prior to sending it to compost heap.  

We are constantly seeking ways we can do better and lessen our impact.   

*[These teas are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any illness, disease or condition, and have not been evaluated by the FDA.]

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