Dreamguider by Denyse Beaudet

Dreamguider by Denyse Beaudet

Dreamguider by Denyse Beaudet

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Denyse Beaudet, a Jungian developmental psychologist for more than 25 years, has helped countless parents understand their children's dreaming lives. By engaging parents in their children's dreamworld, Dreamguider:

* Increases children's comfort with nighttime and their dreams

* Helps parents gain insight into their children's thoughts, feelings, and imaginations

* Encourages creativity in children

* Strengthens communication between children and their parents

Complete with real-life experiences, examples, and anecdotes, Dreamguider is an invaluable, concrete dream handbook that helps parents:

* Help their children to become comfortable talking about their dreams

* Supply direction to their children on the daily practice of keeping a developmentally appropriate dream journal

* Match children's dream themes to accepted stages in child development

* Help children to accept and work gracefully with nightmares by explaining how to come to terms with "dream monsters"

* Understand and gain insight into their children's individual personalities

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