Charm Bag create your own kit

Charm Bag create your own kit
Charm Bag create your own kit
Charm Bag create your own kit
Charm Bag create your own kit

Charm Bag create your own kit

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Follow our simple formula to pick the ingredients to create your own powerful charm bag. Mix and match to support almost any intention.

In this kit, pick your bag color, crystal, herb blend, and oil blend. We will add in a piece of parchment paper and a general suggested instruction sheet on assembling, care, and disposal methods.

Need help with picking the best options for your working? We got you covered. Check out our lists of helpful meanings for each category. 

Bag color:
Red - passion & vitality
Pink - attraction
Orange - communication
Yellow - success
Green - prosperity
Blue - healing
Purple - mastering
Black - protection

Amethyst - Calming
Bloodstone - Health
Calcite, Orange - Creativity
Carnelian - Promote action
Citrine - Success
Emerald - Strong relationships
Garnet - Calm overthinking
Green Avenuturine - Success & Heart Chakra
Hematite - Protection & Attraction
Jet - Protection
Labradorite - Spiritual connection
Lapis Lazuli - Intuition 
Lodestone - Attraction
Mookite - Physical strength
Moonstone - Divination
Moss Agate - Money stability
Obsidian - Protection 
Onyx, Black - Protection
Pyrite - Money & success
Rose Quartz - Love
Smoky Quartz - Calmness
Sodalite - Intuition
Tiger Eye - Stability
Tourmaline - Protection
Unakite - Protect against negative vibes

Herb Blend:
Banishing - Drive troubles away
Bring Love - Attract love and support
Court Case - Navigate complicated situations
Devil Be Damned - Create needed distractions
Dream Magic - Inspiration 
Fast Money - Money & resource attraction
Grant Wishes - Help obtain the hard to achieve
Healing - Vitality & Wellness
Heart Ease - Emotion and grief support
Power - Break down obstacles
Protection - 
Purification - Cleanses bad energies
Releasing - Helps to let go of what doesn't serve you
Reversing - Sends negative energies back
Road Opening - Help see the best options
Separation - Use to end relationships
Truth Reveal - 
Uncrossing - Removes negative energies

    Intention Oil:
    Ajna Third Eye - Insight & Intuition
    Banishing - Drive target away
    Beast Boi - Organize, take responsibility & leadership
    Better Business - Supports all aspects of business
    Black Arts - Protect or hex
    Block Buster - Removal obstacles
    Break Up - Drive apart a relationship fast
    Chakra Balancing - Energy balancing
    Charisma - Spellbinding likeability
    Chuparosa - General attraction
    Crown of Success - Success & mastery
    Crucible of Courage - Bravery & gain support
    Cut & Clear - Close the door and send them away
    Dark Goddess - Journey through shadow work
    Destruction - For those extra hard to remove obstacles
    Devils Night - Create distractions
    Do As I Say - Break through ambitions
    Easy Street - Living large without velvet rope
    Fiery Wall of Protection - St. Michael charged protection
    Flying Devil - get that devil to run
    Follow Me Boy - Harness the power of the social media influencers
    Go In Peace - Send away without the drama
    Handfasting - Protect relationships
    Has No Hanna - Good luck
    Healing - Support wellness and vitality
    Horned God - Increase passion and courage
    Jinx Killer - Remove those pesky negative vibes
    King Solomon - Wisdom & knowledge
    Love Drawing - Attract love
    Money Drawing - Attract money
    Money Stay With Me - Keep the money with you
    Muse - Inspiration & creativity
    Needed Change - Super charged block busting
    Peaceful Home - Serenity & peace
    Power - Amp up any working
    Protection - Help guard from harm
    Reconciliation - Repair relationships
    Remember Your Dreams - Helps memory & recall
    Reversing - Send that energy back to its source
    Road Opener - Reveals opportunities
    Sex Bombshell - Obtain gifts & strengthen boundaries
    Thieves - Obscure & protect
    Throat Punch - Stop the gossip & drama
    Van Van - General anointing oil
    Wealthy Way - Long term prosperity
    Witch's Oil - Intuition & divination

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    Charm Bag create your own kit
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