Amazonite faceted pendulum

Amazonite faceted pendulum

Amazonite faceted pendulum

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A 6-sided pendulum of Amazonite for divination practices.

6" chain with a matching fob at the end.

About Amazonite:

Named for the Amazon River from which many specimens were formerly obtained, Amazonite is a green tectosilicate mineral that has been used for over two thousand years as jewelry and ornamentation.

This stone is a fetching green-blue color with tan and white striping. Its color was a mystery for many years, but in time it was discovered that the green-blue color is attributed to the content of lead and water within the stone. In its hardened stone form, this mineral is safe, but should never be added to water or oils, or otherwise ingested by people or animals.

In magical practices, this stone is associated with protection, luck, empowerment, and success. It has been favored by gamblers and anyone taking a chance on success. This stone is thought to be suitable for meditation on difficult subjects and is said to have the ability to reveal the truth of a situation to someone, including matters of the heart and desire.

Chakra: Throat, Navel
Planet: Mercury
Number: 3
Element: Air
Astro Sign: Gemini, Virgo
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