8mm Tiger Eye/ Quartz with Tree of Life

8mm Tiger Eye/ Quartz with Tree of Life

8mm Tiger Eye/ Quartz with Tree of Life

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This tigers Eye bracelet is made from natural stone beads strung on a durable elastic band. The tree of life dates back to ancient times and is the source of life. Wearing this bracelet paired with Tigers Eye and Quartz will be able to aid you in diverting unwanted energy, building confidence, soothing, and keeping your energy clean and clear

8mm beads. One size fits most. 2 1/2” unstretched.
About Tigers Eye:

Named for its brilliant striped appearance, Tiger’s Eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock. It is a member of the Quartz group, related to several other minerals that share a silky, lustrous appearance. In various places around the world, Tiger’s Eye is said to ward off the jealous gaze of the Evil Eye, making it a protective stone. Ancient Romans wore Tiger’s Eye engraved with symbols for protection in battle. As such, this stone has gained a reputation for being a powerful protective talisman and is used in a wide variety of practices today.

This golden and brown striped stone appears reflective and lustrous, with contrasting dark and light inclusions that may resemble a tiger’s striped coat to some.

This fine stone is commonly used in workings concerning wealth, courage, energy, luck, divination, and power.

Many enjoy exploring the deeply reflective and entrancing surface of the stone for meditation or scrying.  

Chakra: Solar Plexus, Navel, Root
Planet: Sun
Number: 19/1
Element: Fire
Astro Sign: Leo
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