40mm Obsidian Sphere

40mm Obsidian Sphere

40mm Obsidian Sphere

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This petite Obsidian Sphere is a deep black color with unique inclusions. This gazing ball is excellent for meditation, focus, and scrying work. 

40mm. Comes with stand. Stand style may vary.

About Obsidian:

Named for the ancient Roman explorer Obsius who allegedly discovered this igneous stone in Ethiopia, Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass formed when lava from a volcano cools rapidly. It was valued by ancient civilizations for its ability to be refined into incredibly sharp edges and polished to a reflective finish to create early mirrors that were used for scrying and divination. According to legend, the famous magician-alchemist Dr. Dee may have used an obsidian mirror for his scrying sessions.

Its color is a rich, deep black with interesting varieties depending on impurities in the stone.

This grounding stone is said to protect, center, and balance.

Its ability to neutralize emotions and bring things back to center makes it an excellent stone for divination, visualization, mediation, and reflection.

Chakra - Root
Planet - Venus, Pluto
Number - 5
Element - Fire
Astro Sign - Libra, Scorpio
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