The Story of Our Journey

In a community of pagans, occultists, and creatives, Draconis Arcanum sprouted from the sharing of wisdom and supplies. We wove various paths from Herbalism & Wicca to Thelema & Left Hand Path with a touch of Chaos Magick to create our own special blend of magick.

Before deciding to open Draconis Arcanum, Ms. Rebecca was a ritual & event facilitator and taught classes on various metaphysical topics throughout the United States. Her primary specialties have been American Folk Magick, Hermetics, and Chaos Magick. She has also been a practicing professional spiritual advisor since 1992.

We officially first hung out our banner in 2002 at Pagan Pride Day in Milwaukee, WI. The name, Draconis Arcanum, was inspired by the mysterious ouroboros symbol. In the never ending circle of growth, much wisdom is discovered. 

Over the years, we vended at various festivals, online, and supplied various metaphysical shops in Milwaukee, WI and Chicago, IL. We have offered items ranging from specialty herbs, magical oil blends, and rare grimoires. Many of the books and products we vended at our first event are still in our current catalog. 

In 2014, Draconis Arcanum opened the doors to our brick and mortar location in Nashville, TN. While our shop looks small and humble on the outside, we are the metaphysical specialists who draw travelers and locals alike for our wide selection of books, supplies, and expertise.

Our staff are extensively trained and well versed in multiple practices to offer personalized recommendations. Whether you are looking for metaphysical oddities and curiosities, occult grimoires for self transformation, or putting together a spell to tackle a pesky problem, we are here to help guide you.

Where will our journey lead? It is a mystery yet to reveal.