Constructed Servitor Charm Bag Technique

One of my favorite magical spell techniques has been the charm bag. This practice is also known as a mojo bag, hoodoo hand, and by many other names. These humble little bags are very portable and versatile. These bags are powerful workings, even when one does not have access to candles or when a working needs to be discreet. 

Charm bags are essentially a team of allies brought together to make a singular helper focused on a particular intent. This charm bag technique can also be compared to constructing poppets.This energetic helper is sometimes referred to as a servitor. 

One of the easiest ways to remember the construction of a servitor charm bag is to look at the anatomy of the bag. This anatomy can be viewed in the following parts:

  • Heart: written intention or sigil
  • Bones: a primary root, seal, or crystal focused on the core intention
  • Flesh: herbs that support the variables of the intention
  • Skin: the bag that contains the ingredients
  • Food: the anointing liquid, such as oil or water based, to feed the servitor
  • Life Force: the spoken words over the constructed bag

These bags can be made for short or long term workings. Maintaining the energetic power and disposal after the work is completed is fairly simple.

As any successful working depends on a well thought out goal, write out or create a sigil to symbolize your intention. This creates the "heart" of your servitor charm bag.

To form the charm bag servitor, assemble in the following order:

  • Wrap the "heart" around the "bones" and place into the bag.
  • Add in any supporting herbs or other ingredients to give the charm bag the additional support to accomplish the goal.
  • Tie the bag together with 3 knots.
  • Hold the bag to your mouth and while focusing on your goal, speak your intention into the bag. Blow 3 times on the bag.
  • Anoint the bag with a drop of the liquid to add to its energy. 

 After your servitor charm bag is activated, it is ready to use. Typically these bags are carried with you during your waking hours. Some traditions also advise on keeping these bags hidden from sight of others. It is usually advisable to anoint the charm bag with a drop of the liquid once a week to help maintain the energy momentum. 

When your servitor charm bag has completed its mission, there are ways to dispose of it. Always thank the spirit for its work and give dismissal for it to depart. You can either bury, burn, or dissemble the bag. Remaining ashes or dissembled pieces can be scattered at a 4 way cross road.